Who we are

Our History

Founded in 1999 in New Jersey USA. BRISEA Group, Inc. (BRISEA) has been dedicated in providing environmental and energy professional services, technology and know-how transfer from USA to the developing nations. For over a decade, BRISEA has provided its services to government agencies, private industrial companies and international funding organizations. It has completed over 500 projects ranging from technical training to equipment supply and startup. It’s knowledge of the technology and the target markets is unique and is effectively applied to benefit its clients.

What we believe

Our Culture

At BRISEA, our priorities are our clients and our drive to provide solutions to today’s most pressing environmental challenges. With our international network of clientele and partners, we are able to connect people all over the world as we aim to unify our people towards attaining our overall goal of delivering clean energy and water. Our success is built upon our principle, sense of responsibility, and experience as we work towards obtaining results all while minimizing risk. Together we are BRISEA, a bridge over the sea.

Ethics and Compliance

BRISEA conducts our business with integrity, while delivering excellence to our clients around the world. We take pride in our ethical performance and conformity with local laws and regulations in everything we do.

We are committed to honesty and principled business practices as we continue to earn our clients’ trust through outstanding customer service and acting honorably in all we do. Our employees are guided by our Code of Conduct Policy, which outlines the general ethical principles that will help us make the right decisions in our work worldwide.

Commitment to Quality

BRISEA will provide exceptional services that consistently meet or exceed our customer's requirements and expectations. We will provide quality services and deliverables that are technically and scientifically defensible. Through our policies and procedures, we ensure the effectiveness of our Quality Program and its application to the services we provide our customers. We constantly review our program to make certain we are providing the highest quality services to our customers in the most efficient and effective way.



We are dedicated to the safety of our people, our clients, and the environment.

Commitment to Our People

Through “team spirit” we will mentor, trust, and empower our employees with professional development to ensure job satisfaction.


We are credible and trustworthy professionals that instill confidence by honoring our agreements and commitments and acting with honesty. We are reliable in our dealings with employees, customers, and stakeholders.


We value the resourcefulness, innovation, creativity, ingenuity, and expertise of our employees.