Who We Are

Welcome to BRISEA Group, your trusted partner in fostering sustainable development and innovative environmental solutions. Established in 1999 in New Jersey, our journey began with a vision to make a significant impact on the global environment through strategic consulting, local project development, financing, tailored training, sales representation, and investment. With over two decades of dedicated service, we have expanded our footprint across the globe, establishing satellite offices in Beijing, Denver, CO, and Portland, OR, to better serve our diverse clientele.

What We Believe

At BRISEA, our priorities are the clients and the drive to provide solutions to today’s most pressing environmental challenges. With our international network of clientele and partners, we are able to connect people all over the world as we aim to unify people towards attaining the overall goal of delivering clean energy and water. Our success is built upon the principle, sense of responsibility, and experience as we work towards obtaining results all while minimizing risk. Together we are BRISEA, a bridge over the sea.


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