BRISEA Group , Inc. was invited by the U.S. Department of Commerce to share insights into China’s Medical Waste Market

During the COVID19 pandemic period, U.S. waste disposal companies have paid more attention to the medical waste disposal market, and seek the opportunities to enter new markets outside the U.S. Therefore, BRISEA Group was invited by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commercial Service and the Global Environmental Technologies Team of the U.S. Department of Commerce in China to introduce China’s medical waste treatment market to interested U.S. companies.

On February 25th 2021, Dr. Mark Moese, the president of BRISEA Group, Inc., attended the online webinar and gave a lecture dealing with the current medical waste market in China. His presentation provided information about China's current medical waste disposal market trends, new changes after the COVID-19 epidemic, technical/ equipment needs and potential opportunities in China. The recording of the lecture can be downloaded from here. In addition, BRISEA’s analysis team developed a China’s medical waste industry report, which can be found here

BRISEA has been committed to providing professional services in the field of environment and energy in the past 20 years. BRISEA is led by a group of experienced professionals with global knowledge and experience, so we understand the market well and especially the local system. We provided services to 100+ clients and help them to understand the local market including the project feasibility, risk, local standards, technology status, and policy requirements.