BRISEA, together with UCEEF to build an environmental information platform – EnvGuide

BRISEA, together with UCEEF, to build an environmental information platform – EnvGuide

As one of the sponsors of the U.S.-China Environmental Education Foundation (UCEEF), BRISEA has engaged and supported the development of EnvGuide.

UCEEF won the 2016 MDCP (Market Development Cooperator Program) Award from the US Department of Commerce. The MDCP Award is supported by the US Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration with financial and technical resources from the US government. Based on this award, UCEEF is building EnvGuide, an environmental information platform. The EnvGuide environmental information platform is a bridge between China and the United States for the exchange of technology and equipment, so that the environment-related enterprises in the two countries are able to share environmental technology, the industry’s latest environmental advice, and case studies on the platform. Furthermore, the site aims to introduce suitable technologies and equipment to China in order to better promote the healthy development of the Chinese environmental market.

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