BRISEA Group, Inc., BCEG Environmental Remediation Co., Ltd. (BCEER), and FMC Corporation (NYSE:FMC), formed a joint venture to manufacture and market cost-effective, environmentally-safe products for soil and groundwater remediation in China. The joint venture, named Beijing Enviro-Chem (Beijing Enviro-Chem Industry and Commerce Co., Ltd.), provides research and development, laboratory feasibility testing, remedial design and technical support services. The joint venture is led by a global team of experienced executives from the joint venture partners.

BRISEA has played vital role in bringing together BCEER, a leader in China’s remediation market, and FMC, a Fortune 500 diversified chemical producer in the US, facilitating constructive communication and fostering trust among the parties. We look forward to continuing to leverage BRISEA’s impeccable reputation and vast experience in the environmental market in China to make the joint venture a successful and key player in China’s fast-growing remediation market.