Government Agencies

Through experience working alongside many Chinese government agencies, US government agencies, Chinese and US companies and research/academic institutes, BRISEA has built a wide network of business contacts and has deep insight into the business world. Backed by its strong technical expertise, BRISEA can provide project development and financing assistance in environmental engineering and energy fields. We help our clients:

    • Identify and evaluate potential project opportunities
    • Identify and initiate potential partnerships for project development, bidding, and execution
    • Conduct project management and coordination
    • Advise them on grant applications for environmental and energy projects that are sponsored by U.S. government agencies, Chinese government agencies, and international organizations
    • Identify interested private investors in the USA or China
    1. China
      MEP -Renewable Energy Seminar
      MEP – ETV Product Review
      CRAES – China Lake Protection Training
      CRAES – Swine Farm Water Treatment
      MEP – Medical Waste Study
      China Foreign Expert Bureau – Solid Waste Training
    2. International
      World bank – PCB Thermal Desorption Project
      USAID – EKPIN Landfill Project Management
      USTDA – Definitional Mission China Environmental Project???
      USTDA – Water Training
      USTDA – Groundwater Demonstration Project

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