Technology Validation & Prototype (TVP) Service

About TVP Service

BRISEA Technology Validation & Prototype (TVP) Service offers end-to-end prototyping services for environmental applications including water, air, and solid waste treatment to clients, as well as helping clients navigate the patent landscape for new product ideas then aid in the development of unique product concepts based on available opportunities.
BRISEA integrates the parts/modules and process of ideas from clients in the lab into a tangible product that is practical and real. By translating the theory of research into practice, the development of environmental disciplines into practical applications can be further developed. Prototype design services of BRISEA will allow the clients to not only test concepts using a physical product, but also to practically evaluate and enhance design quickly and easily.
In addition, BRISEA TVP team specializes in assisting clients to navigate the competitive landscape for new product ideas then aiding in the development of unique product concept of clients based on available opportunities.
In summary, BRISEA TVP has the strength, the resources, and the technical expertise to provide services that will comprehensively address clients’ needs. This statement of qualifications provides information demonstrating the BRISEA TVP available technology validation and prototyping services.

Prototype Services

BRISEA TVP offers a full spectrum of environmental prototyping services and has extensive experience in multi-disciplinary design and engineering. BRISEA has qualified and experienced professionals in all engineering disciplines including environmental, civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control, corrosion, chemical and sanitary engineering. These individuals have participated in the design, engineering and preparation of detailed plans and technical specifications for a multitude of projects.

Through BRISEA’s long involvement with environmental industrial and governmental projects, BRISEA TVP has gained extensive experience in instrument fabrication from small devices to large constructions. BRISEA TVP has the ability to manage major engineering and fabrication projects that may entail state-of-the-art designs, stringent licensing requirements, environmental restrictions and other compliance requirements.

It is BRISEA’s expectation to work with clients to ensure that the work meets each and every requirement of client for the specific project. BRISEA TVP communicates directly and frequently with clients through a single project manager who is responsive for total communication. This project manager acts as a single point of contact and is backed up by the BRISEA TVP project team of highly qualified individuals to ensure that clients are provided with the highest quality, cost-effective service available.

BRISEA stands firmly and complies strictly with written contract and NDA agreement with the clients on IP information and confidential information client provided to BRISEA.

There are four service lines that BRISEA TVP department provides. Each of the projects is customized to meet the clients’ requests.

Scaled Model of Concept

BRISEA TVP can optimize the design and build models of client’s prototypes without functionality to provide a basis of understanding for the appearance, size, shape and ergonomics of client’s product, as well as to display it for conferences and shows. For larger structures, BRISEA TVP can also assist in providing scaled models. (1/100, 1/200 or any customized scale)

Proof-of-Concept Prototypes

BRISEA TVP provides prototypes built based on lab-scaled experimental setup with real functionality in instances where clients may already have lab-scaled experimental setup and are looking for a means to validate the mechanism behind their technology. Proof-of-concept fabricated by BRISEA TVP are 3D printed or Computer Numerical Control (CNC) etched and assembled. To do so, the lab experimental setups (e.g., tubing and beakers) could be highly integrated into one system with the same or improved functions and a more professional layout. This would help the clients identify and challenge assumptions by small exercises to test the real-world potential of developing ideas and demonstrating whether they are feasible. In another word, A proof-of-concept shows if a product, feature or system can be developed, whilst a prototype shows how it will be developed.

Pilot Fabrication and Test

BRISEA TVP provides co-create solutions for complex challenges that clients are trying to tackle. BRISEA TVP can provide a functional pilot-scale system used to validate the complete design. In addition, BRISEA TVP provides services to build, assemble, and test clients’ technology with customized electronics and mechanical parts. Pilots are often used as the first stage of a new product introduction for clients and are the more accepted norm in governmental projects.

Demonstration Project

BRISEA TVP service also includes demonstration projects for clients to validate fully commercialized designs before proceeding to full-scale manufacturing. The demonstration could be a pilot or a minimum viable product (MVP). By testing the essential core of concepts (rather than the full solution) with real users in practice, the clients would be able to find out early on if there is an actual adjustment needed and show case the technology for future marketing efforts at the same time.



BRISEA TVP department has a full team of researchers, industrial designers, mechanical and electronics engineers, software and app developers, prototype experts, and manufacturing engineers. The team is staffed with more than 20 environmental professionals. This team has unparalleled experience in their fields of expertise and provides the ability to perform a complete range of services from quick designing drafts to demonstration project design and execution.

  • Environmental Engineers and Researchers
  • Marine Engineers
  • Software Engineers and Programmers
  • 2D/3D Designers
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Research and Instrumentation Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Industrial designer
  • Architecture designer
  • Marketing Experts

Tools and Software

RISEA TVP has equipped workshops with in-house capabilities to test ideas, visualize, create prototypes, and apply complex technologies, machines, and materials used in state-of-the-art manufacturing. The instrumentation supports 3D printing, additive manufacturing, material cutting and shaping, metrology, visualization, computing, emulation, and simulation. The example of tools and software are shown below:

3D Printers

  • BRISEA customize assembled 3D printer
  • ELEGOO Neptune 3D printer
  • Anycubic Vyper 3D printer
  • Ultimaker 3D printer

Software Environment

  • Rhino
  • Solidworks
  • Creo Parametric (Pro/ENGINEER)
  • Blender
  • Adobe Illustrator

CNC Milling & Other Cutting Machinery

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine (Haas Automation, FoxAlien)
  • Bridgeport Series I Knee Mill
  • Speedy Flexx 400 Laser

Industrial Partners

  • Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. (Geotech) is the leading supplier of environmental protection equipment in the United States. Geotech entered the U.S. groundwater industry in 1978 and has been committed to providing customers with high-quality environmental protection equipment and personalized services. Geotech partners with federal, state, local and international government agencies. Its products are selling to over 100 countries with over 20,000 private sector clients worldwide. Geotech won 2010 Governor’s Award for Excellence Presented by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, 2011 US Export Achievement Award Presented by US Secretary of Commerce, John Bryson. It is also the Strategic Partner of the Year Presented by the World Trade Center of Denver in 2011 
  • Sailbri Cooper Inc. (SCI) brings over 20 years of experience in the field of air monitoring instrumentation. SCI is devoted to developing low cost air quality monitoring solutions designed for accurate highly time resolved measurements of environmental pollutants. SCI’s sensors incorporate state of the art sensor technology that has been enhanced with a machine learning calibration system and convenient cloud-based data acquisition platform. Specifically, its Cooper Environmental Division has been recognized as a leader in continuous metals monitoring through its use of automated energy dispersive X-Ray fluorescence analysis modules to measure ambient air, stack effluent, and water. 
  • Founded in 1984, Sunset Laboratory Inc. (Sunset Lab) is a pioneer in the field of organic carbon and elemental carbon (OC-EC) aerosol analysis. Sunset Lab develops and manufactures instruments globally used by federal and state government agencies, academic researchers, and private sector industries including aviation, mining, marine, astronomy, construction, and weather research.
  • Micro-Heat Engineering is an Albuquerque-based machine shop, located in the Jefferson corridor, with a cumulative total of over 40 years of experience in engineering design, machining, automation, electronics, and thermal control.
  • Top Shelf Automotive is a vehicle mechanic and sales business located in Newark, NJ. Top Shelf’s mechanic shop has experienced personnel and professional equipment for customized research vehicle and trailer modifications. Top Shelf has involved in BRISEA’s NJDEP 2019 HABs removal project and the modified trailer has been proved successful for the pilot platform.

Academic Institution Partners

New Jersey Institute of Technology is New Jersey’s public science and technology university, and one of the top five polytechnic research universities in the United States.

Stevens Institute of Technology is one of the oldest technological universities in the United States and was the first college in America solely dedicated to mechanical engineering.

Rutgers University is an academic, health, and research powerhouse and a statewide academic health leader.

Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute is an educational facility in the New Jersey. MERI’s scientists monitor environmental conditions, conduct research and develop and apply technology to address the environmental problems.

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Recent projects

Client Name: New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
Location: New Jersey
Status: On going
Project Duration: Starting from June 2020

This project was awarded from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to implement a mobile floating platform to mechanically remove HABs by air flotation using air micro-nano bubble generators. The project aimed to deploy a customized multifunctional floating platform in Branch Brook Lake and Deal Lake, two of the HABs-affected lakes in New Jersey in 2019. The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) implemented a 3-year project to install and study a mobile floating platform to mechanically remove HABs by air flotation using air micro-nano bubble generators.

Pilot Scale Test Service: Low-cost Air Monitoring

Client Name: Sailbri Cooper Inc.
Location: New Jersey
Status: On going
Project Duration: Starting from June 2020

From 2020 to the present, BRISEA TVP has been continuously providing pilot scale test service to SCI for its three models of low-cost air monitoring sensor stations. The test was collaborated with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) air monitoring site located in Queens, New York City. BRISEA has been providing assembling, maintenance, data cross-reference and coordination service during the time.

Proof-of-concept Prototype Fabrication Service

Client Name: Researchers in New Jersey
Location: New Jersey
Status: On going
Project Duration: Starting from 2019

From 2019 to present, BRISEA TVP has been continuously providing lab-scaled services for NJ researchers for their academic research or fulfilling grant projects. BRISEA TVP’s works include design and fabrication. The advantage of in-time communication, fast fabrication and delivery keeps this business moving along.

Previous Projects

Pilot Scale Test Service: In-situ Solidification

Demonstration Project Service: Soil Vapor Extraction & Treatment Process

Project Consulting and Management Service: Technical Assistance and Pilot Project Groundwater Investigation

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