BRISEA incubates Pure Nanotech, a pioneering company in cutting-edge nanobubble technology. This collaboration aims to revolutionize operations by enhancing efficiency and advocating for eco-friendly practices, particularly in the realm of agriculture, fostering a more sustainable future. PNT has own USDA, EPA, NSF, USGS awards and three state-level demo ongoing

PureNanoTech Inc

PureNanoTech Inc. (PNT) is recognized as an emerging leader in the field of cutting-edge nanobubble generator equipment and services. Central to their innovation is a patented membrane technology, which distinguishes PNT in the dynamic nanobubble industry. The company is dedicated to providing solutions that are not only innovative but also stable, efficient, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and customized to fulfill the specific requirements of their clients.

SUSTAINABLE SUPERIORITY:Purenanotech(Pnt)'S Nanobubble Innovation Surpasses Traditional Microbubbles