BRISEA Group, Inc (BRISEA) recently attended an invitation only high-level workshop, U.S.-China (Fujian) Waste to Energy Technical Workshop

BRISEA Group, Inc (BRISEA) recently attended an invitation only high level workshop,  U.S.-China (Fujian) Waste to Energy Technical Workshop, which focused on Fujian’s regulations and plans of environmental protection science and technology, the regulations and incentives programs relevant to the industrial solid waste disposal, and the environmental project opportunities available to American companies including  industrial park’s green development and environmental protection, the construction of centralized sewage treatment and pipeline networks in Fujian Province.

Mr. Shawn Dong, General Manager of BRISEA’s Beijing Branch took part in the meeting along with representatives of Caterpillar Solar Turbine, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Xylem, Emerson, Terex and Birtley Group.  Mr. Dong stressed BRISEA’s long history of supporting environmental projects in China, including BRISEA’s capabilities, the key government agencies and industries we work with, the projects we work on, our support for the introduction of advanced US environmental technology, products and solutions in China, and how this applies to the issues facing Fujian Province.